CA Wage Law Services for the Workers

Employees in California have the legal right to compensation if their employers violate wage and hour laws.

Typical wage and hour state law violations in California include:

  • Not being paid at or above California’s minimum wage
  • Not being paid for overtime
  • Being required to “work off the clock“
  • Not receiving meal and/or rest breaks during work periods
  • Misclassified as exempt from wage/hour requirements
  • Misclassified as independent contractors

If you believe your employer is violating wage and hour laws, there are easy ways to find out. The first think you should do is contact an experienced California employment lawyer to determine your eligibility. At California Wage Law, we specialize in helping you determine the nature of the violation and the best steps forward, including filing a labor board complaintfiling a wage & hour lawsuit in California court, or joining a California wage & hour class action.

You have nothing to lose or be concerned about. California law is written to protect you, the worker. In fact, the law prevents employers from retaliation or wrongful termination against employees who assert their worker rights under the California’s wage and hour laws.